As soon as the MacBook Air (Mid 2013) started shipping; reports began flooding in about intermittant wifi connectivity problems.[1] The day after it was released I ordered it. I can’t say I experinced the same issues everyone else was claiming to run into. Apple denied the issue at first (as they always do) but later released a software update for the issue.[2]

Macbook Air
(mid 2013)

Not soon after the software update I began experiencing the wifi connectivity issues. When the laptop is woken from sleep it will connect to the first network available. After this connection it will no longer show any available network. I will have to proceed by turning the wifi off and back on again. It will search for all the networks and then let me finally connect to my own. This process repeats anytime the laptop goes to sleep.

Other Issues

Aside from the aforementioned wireless issue the laptop now suffers from sleep/wake problems. When woken from sleep I can use the laptop like normal for five to ten seconds before it will put itself back to sleep. Waking it a second time requires multiple trackpad/keyboard presses before it responds.

After some searching it seems like the sleep/wake issue might be related to a new standby mode.[3]

{% blockquote Jason D. O’Grady, %} …the reason for the delay is Apple’s new standby mode which is built into OS X to achieve longer battery life when MacBook Pros and Airs are sleeping… {% endblockquote %}


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