Note: This post is an un-contexualized, un-edited, & un-proofed bunch of notes taken during Cascadia Ruby 2014.

T.J. Schuck
80,000 Plaintext Passwords: An Open Source Love Story in Three Acts

  • John the Ripper password cracker.
  • hashcat.
  • Expensive key schedule blowfish. eksblowfish.
  • BCrypt
    • BCrypt dollar signs are delimieters, hash on far right. Salt on left.
    • 2(abxy) means bcrypt
    • 10 = cost
    • $ 2a $ 10 $ salt $ hash
    • 12 to 13 range for bcrypt cost.
    • rake-compiler

Jason Clark
Programming in the Small - Teaching my 5 Year Old Ruby

  • Patience.
  • Recall.
  • Mistakes.
  • Discovery.

Terence Lee & Kenichi Nakamura
Creating a Chat App in 15 Minutes with Angelo




  • IE does not support server sent events.
  • EventSource API.

Liz Rush & Hsing-Hui Hsu
“Good luck with that”: Tag Teaming Civic Data

  • Cylyndrical map.
  • Spheriod map.
  • Torus map (“donut”).
  • Shapefiles.

Lightening Talks

Matthew Kirk

Machine Learning in Ruby

  • C Libs
  • JRuby
  • R
  • Thoughtful Machine Learning (Book)
  • Facial Classifications
  • The Kernel Trick

John Feminella
Card counting

  • is legal via only your brain.

David Molida

Hacking & Federal Procurement

  • $250billion + a year.
  • Bid on government contracts.

Bethany Rentz

  • Rubocop: Styleistic errors.

Lauren Voswinkle
Talking about money.

  • Lie about what your previous salary was.
  • Employers are only allowed to verify employment dates.
  • 1935 Extneded National labours act to allow talking about salaries.


  • Ruby is bad at CMS’s
  • Locomotive
  • Rifenery
  • Comfortable Mexican Sofar

Cassie Schmitz

  • Jekyll
  • Easy to write plugins

Nathan Ladd

  • Use and, or instead of &&, ||
  • Stop using TDD.
  • Stop memoizing. Conceptualize your lifecycle.
  • Get rid of private methods. Removes variability of input.

Kerrir Miller
Make Jam

  1. 5-6 cups of mashed fruit
  2. Add a box epctin and bring to a rolling boil.
  3. 4 cups of sweetner.
  4. Another rolling boil.
  5. remove from heat.
  6. Refridgerate or freeze

Scott Windsor

Joel Stimson Citizen Science

John Hyland

  • User services as a gem.
  • Permissions service as a gem.

Amy Woodward
Bitcoin mining. Fastest bitcoin mining chips in the world.

Whitenet-Rose Levis

  • Help new people.
  • Types of investment
    • Teaching
    • Conversations
    • Writing
    • Code Reviews
    • Actively Welcome People
    • Slight Adaptations
    • Financial

Jeremy Flores
How Not to Be Lonely: An Extrovert’s Guide to Working Alone Tools:

  • ScreenHero

Engage in active communication! Cultivate your voice.

Pair programming. Everybody’s remote.

Lauren Voswinkle
Nitty Gritty Service Building

Brad Grzesiak