Despite being in the HTML 4.01 spec since 1999 I picked up another small frontend tip recently. When adding anchors on a page for the purpose of in-page links my typical method for years has been to add a link with the anchor name in the href and an anchor tag with a name attribute. <a href="#productList">View more products</a> Some page content… <a name="productList"></a> <ul class="productList">…</a> Just the other day @ry5n informed me that a link that corresponds to an elements id will work just the same and there’s no need to add an additional anchor with a name.

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This week at the office I’ve been on a coding hiatus and just doing a lot of copy placement and markup. The client requested having a numbered list of categories separated by type headers. I added markup as such: %ul %li %h2 Video %ol %li Animation %li Documentary %li Music Video %li Narrative %li Poetry/Experimental %li Collaboration %li UNICEF Challenge %li %h2 Print %ol %li Photo Collection/Digital Story/Photo Essay %li Poster/Collage/Campaign Output:

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