So while in the #RubyOnRails IRC channel late at night (never a good idea) some silly conversation occured: (someone gists some code) sevenseacat: empty array seems the silly thing to have Tarential: sometimes I like to add empty arrays, you know, just in case I need them later Tarential: so they’re close at hand tagrudev: little kittens die when you define an unused var brianpWins: but if you do want to leave empty arrays around.

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At a first glance the 1.9 ruby hash syntax looks like a simple change. No longer using the infamous “Hashrocket” and moving to a familiar JavaScript Object Notation. {:cat => 'meow'} # 1.8 {cat: 'meow'} # 1.9 On an average day I write equally as much JavaScript as I do Ruby so the new 1.9 syntax is an easy swtich for me. Do these updates to the syntax mean that we’ll be seeing the demise of the 1.

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This is just a quick bit that I learned early in my Ruby career and always found interesting. Symbols Are Memory Leaks So is this the end of the world? No Symbols are a unique thing in ruby. It’s immutable, constant and unique. You can re-use the same Symbol over and over without allocating extra memory. As opposed to using a String over and over which will allocate memory with each instance.

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