Coming from Ruby, JS, Python or another language? Exploring new languages can be toilsome. Rust is no different. You’ll find new idioms and features that could be unfamiliar to navigate. You might even detest them at first; comparing it to how you’d prefer it in your favourite language. We will learn to navigate your transition into the Rust landscape. Introduce practices that might not make sense at first. See comparisons of how you may have done things, and how we can improve those practices with Rust.

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RustConf 2016 Talks

Opening Keynote by Aaron Turon and Niko Matsakis photo by: [@eigenrick]( 175 new features since 1.0 New features underway Specialization impl Trait The ? operator Macro 1.1 offers custom derive Compiler internals redesigned Mir in orbit Dynamic drop flags Incremental comp Error messages Challenges in the Rust survey 1 in 4 Learning curve (First 3 weeks is rough) 1 in 7 More libraries 1 in 9 “Maturity” 1 in 19 IDEs 1 in 20 Compiler Perf Speed and reliability are core values of rust, but for 2017, productivity should as well.

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These are raw notes taken at RustConf during the “Traits and Threads” workshop put on by Aaron Turon All Exercises Methods are function that accept self &self.items == &(self.items) where the borrow (&) is for the item, not for self. Structs have no default value, requires creating all values. mut as mute not like a mixed breed dog Abstraction: The Plan Generics Traits As Interfaces For Code Resuse For Perator Overloading Trait Objects Traits are rusts interfaces.

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It started with Muxed. I was excited to get a working first build, but despite my development machine being a MacBook Air, I develop most in VM’s using vagrant. My native builds were all linux based. It would be easy enough to move the code to an OSX machine and compile there but I do not like build tools on my native machine. And that would simply be too easy.

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